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JCtrans Logistics Network.
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  • We are happy to be member of Jctrans and of course will containuous our membership.
    Managing Director
  • We are very happy with the cooperation with JC trans and from your amazing service.
    Mike Uhlmann
  • I really appreciate you introducing us to various members of JC Trans. I have to admit I was not expecting such support although before joining you mentioned you are going to promote IB Cargo. I am impressed, really. Thank you. Rest assured, we will offer our full support to the members of JC Trans through fast answers and competitive solutions offered to them. Service-wise I guarantee there will be no issue and things will go smooth from/to Romania.
    Managing Director
  • Well received your statement and fully understand the situation.Don’t worry, we will always support JCtrans and we treat JCtrans as a very important network/platform for our company!
    Ong Chin Kian
  • I love JC Trans, cause of your office we have pick up a few new accounts to work with.You have our full support Rachel.
    Mike Kuo
    Sales Associate
  • Thank you very much for your support and help all the time. We also got the business with the help of Jctrans. Thank you very much Polaris.
    Sales Marketing
  • Jctrans has been working hard to help GCP members and protect their rights and interests. It is a reliable partner.
  • I have been privileged to be associated with Jctrans network for over the past 7 years. The initial years was a time of investment. The network has provided me the much needed international exposure. Jctrans gave us the platform to showcase our strength and professional service levels. Luck is what happens when “Preparation meets opportunity”. Thanks to Jctrans, we have many network partners supporting us with their business . Most of all, we have made good friends within the network,the annual meetings are more of a reunion than a business event. Friendship first business next!
    Eric John Wynne
    Managing Director
  • The business is getting better and better thanks to JCtrans.
  • JCtrans Logistics Network is a very reliable platform and we are so enjoyable to work with them.
    Muhammad Mushtaq
    Sales Manager
  • We are absolutely satisfied and would like to extend our membership for one additional year. Please provide new contract etc.
    André Meissner
    Managing Director
  • Thanks to JCtrans we had more business and good business partners.
    Alberto Lupini
    Owner and COO
  • We are happy to be a member of your association. Good team and good services, many thanks for your help. Hope we can cooperte with each other always.
    Yimenu Baweke
    General Manager
  • JCtrans is positive reply to all our request, and also have human touch.The main plus is the family sensation and service provided by people as you.
    Michele Bonicalzi
    Senior Management
  • In our opinion the JCTrans Network has been an excellent network to be a member of and are EXTREMELY proud to be affiliated to.
    Ms Caron Harris
  • I have to say I am very satisfied with JCtrans service. Also my financial department says it is very pleasing to work with you. Once someone is delaying a payment and they put you in cc you take action immediately. This is not very common with other networks.Big thank you for your service from our side.
    Sebastian Lauber
    Managing Director
  • Thanks to you for looking after us and also for recommending our services to other agents.
    The longer I am in JC trans, the more I am impressed with it. Maybe I should have joined earlier!
    Ian Mallon
  • Actually I'm very happy with you and your support and also with agent profesionality, aditionally I believe that JC trans is very good sistem and we want to be part of this network long term. We have big expansion plans and as we open new office I want that it becomes in short time also member of JC Trans network.
    Sebastian Lauber
    Managing Director
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